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About Us


Why Map?



MAP is no ordinary performance training, it’s an opportunity of having a community.

“Map”, from the Latin “Mundus”, meaning, “Of the world”, is a community of people, athletes, and warriors of the world!

This is a world of increasing human demand for community. This space holds the collective consciousness, collaborative vision, purpose, and belonging for the next level in performance.

Your health, wellbeing, personal power, and peak performance depend on who is in your corner.

This community IS your corner, your corner is your Tribe!

A Tribe that takes care of each other, and so, leaves everything else taken care of.

A Tribe that has each other’s back what ever is in front of them to fight… because nothing hits harder than life!


Our Founder

The Mindful Athlete Program is a mindfulness based mental performance program.

Created by world-renowned mental performance coach and former professional fighter Daria Albers, MAP has been refined over time to fit anyone who is looking to improve themselves and live a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

Through the numerous lessons she’s learned through trial and tribulation – grinding it out as a professional fighter, personal growth and finding her identity in the world, and becoming a mental performance coach – Daria Albers created MAP to fit anyone who

  • wishes to improve themselves

  • looking to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

  • want to be part of a community to help them thrive

…without all the nitty gritty experiences that she had to go through!

Daria’s expertise and experience will help you develop the warrior within. With more than a decade of coaching and training elite athletes as well as her own ring experience, she can help take you to the next level.

MAP Tribe