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We all know the saying about how you need eight cups of water a day along with a healthy diet to make sure you get what you need for healthy...

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I’ve known Daria for more than 15 years and she is unbelievably kind and humble. I have seen her grown over this time, and we have come up together in so many ways. Daria has helped me mentally and physically become a better person and athlete. She has helped me progress in ways I was not able to do on my own. As an athlete, I know it is difficult to overcome mental blocks. Her MAP program is strategized to help not only athletes, but anyone can really benefit from taking this training.

The world of fighting has changed drastically since I first started, and in this time I have realized it is not a matter of simply training hard anymore. The best fighters are those who can control their emotions, understand their feelings, and trust that they are able to accomplish anything. Daria will certainly be able to help elevate anyone who gives this program a try.

World Champion and ONE Championship Kickboxer 




With 35 years in Human Performance, I have met hundreds of coaches and teachers across scientific disciplines. It is rare that you meet one in their respective discipline that not only meets every requisite credential and quality to excel in their field, but an individual that supersedes them. Daria’s eclectic background consisting of advanced academic degrees in physiotherapy and psychology, coupled with her experience as a European Kickboxing Champion and an Elite Level Coach, combine to afford Daria with the most comprehensive qualifications for Mental Performance Coaching. Moreover, her compassion, empathy, and respect for her clients and athletes are her greatest assets. Daria Albers is one of the most inspirational, gifted and dedicated coaches I have met and worked with in 35 years and her MAP program will not only change how you approach life’s goals and aspirations, it will change you, and your life. Sincerely, there is no coach in the world I could recommend with greater confidence and enthusiasm than Daria Albers.


Tony Ricci, Ed.D, MS, FISSN, CSCS, PES, CES, CNS

Athletic Performance and Sport Psychology Coach

Acuity Psychosomatic Coaching

FightShape Int’l Fight Performance Coach

Professor – Human Performance and Nutrition

Team Serra-Longo Sports Science Advisor




There are few people I come across in my life that I would like to be a part of my board of directors. Daria is one of those. The depth of her experience, the vastness of her heart, and the skills she possesses are not only most needed these days, they are needed all days. Daria has my vote.




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